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Náměstí Svornosti 2
38101 Český Krumlov
Contact: Infocentrum Český Krumlov

Telephone: +420 380 704 622
Fax: +420 380 704 619

E-mail: info@ckrumlov.info
WWW: www.ckrumlov.cz/info

Location: Český Krumlov

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GPS: 48°48'38.91" 14°18'55.44"

Opening hours

from 27 December due to government anti-covid measures CLOSED!!!

Contact us on workdays 9am - 4pm: tel. +420 380 704 622, e-mail: info@ckrumlov.info


Infocenter also serves as a place to give free information to visitors. Drop in to ask your question, call us, write us - we will gladly assist you. We are here for you.


* accommodation
* entrance cards
* tickets
* town tours
* conference events
* tourist publications and souvenirs for sale
* Exchange office
* internet, photocopy, fax
* luggage storage




It all begins with a place to stay. Český Krumlov can satisfy both demanding and modest guests. You can either reserve directly through an online form "you know immediately where you will sleep" or send a non-binding accommodation request. You can also contact the accommodation provider directly. We wish you a pleasant stay in Český Krumlov. For more information see www.ubytovani.ckrumlov.cz

Entrance Cards

We are an authorized seller of the following ticket portals: CB System, Ticket Art, Ticketlive, Ticketmaster, Ticketportal, Ticketstream. This means events across the whole Czech Republic and beyond.
We sell tickets for the popular theatre performances on the Revolving Auditorium. You can make order on www.ckrumlov.cz/tickets. Tickets are sent by post with cash on delivery. We welcome event organizers. Our ticket selling system will meet even the highest demands.

Český Krumlov Card - 1 ENTRANCE CARD TO 5 MUSEUMS

Český Krumlov Card

Want to see the best that Český Krumlov has to offer while taking your time to do it at your own pace? Then the Český Krumlov Card is just for you.

* admission to five unique attractions included in the price
* a 50 % reduction off the regular ticket price
* card is valid whole calendar year
* card is transferable to another person in the same category
* for sale at Tourist Information Centre Český Krumlov and at all participating
attractions (besides Monasteries Český Krumlov)

Bus tickets


We sell both national and international tickets of Student Agency, FlixBus and LEO Express. We also make reservation for the local popular shuttle buses.

Guided Tours


You will discover unexpected places of the town with the help of an authorized guide and listen to fascinating tales. Tours are available for both individuals and groups. New additions of the last years are the so-called town walks with a guide on regular schedule. Available languages: Czech, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian and Japanese.

Further Information: Price-list of the guided tours [PDF 116 kB]

Corporate and Conference Events


We are partners to a number of specialist institutes, commercial and non-profit entities, groups and schools. We help the organizers of social events with our know-how. We are familiar with local standards. Our experience spans for over 20 years.

Tourist Publications and Souvenirs For Sale


You can buy tourist press and publications and original playful souvenirs. What kinds of travelers do not bring a small trinket for their loved ones from the trip to Český Krumlov?

The pictured stamps are at hand in the shop and can be printed on postcards or other purchased products.



Infocenter exchanges foreign currency for Czech crowns. We accept the following currencies: EUR, USD, JPY.

Further Information: information [PDF 51 kB]

Internet, Photocopy, Fax, Scanner


Our visitors have three internet points at their disposal with black and white or coloured printing. We also offer photocopy, scan and fax services.

Luggage Storage


Get rid of the weight of your luggage and step light-footedly into the adventure in Český Krumlov. We will also store your bicycles.

Further Information: Price list [PDF 156 kB]

Info Kiosk 24 Hours a Day


Visitors of Český Krumlov are not limited to the opening hours of the Infocenter. A self-service info kiosk located in the archway next to the side entrance stands at their disposal for 24 hours a day.

Entertainment and Sports


We are partners to a number of boat lenders and sport activities operators (horses, bikes, scooters etc.). You can see real rafts on the waters of Český Krumlov. We can recommend the boat trip on a raft weaving through the historical town center. Night rafting is on offer for the more adventurous. We can help you with reservation and organization.

Which restaurant?


We are partners to the restaurants of Český Krumlov. We will gladly recommend a restaurant suitable for a particular occasion. We will also make the reservation. This way you gain the important guests status. For more information: www.stravovani.ckrumlov.cz

ISIC Cards


We will produce the worldwide accepted ISIC (International Student Identity Card) for Czech students while they wait. This card proves the student status and entitles its bearer for discounts and other benefits.

Fishing Permit


Visitors from other countries may buy in our office fishing permits for both trout and non-trout waters within the South Bohemian Fishing region.

In order to buy a permit you need to present a valid Fishing Registration of the Department of Environment and Agriculture of the Český Krumlov Municipal Authority - more info: http://obcan.ckrumlov.info/docs/cz/rybarsky_listek_nj_20110315130400.xml

Who Is Serving You?

Our team consists of 9 members. We are here for you for the whole year.




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