Leisure and Sports


There are many attractions around the wonderful region of Český Krumlov: deep forests, romantic rocks, large nature reserves, blue waters of local ponds, rivers and Šumava lakes, relics of Celtic settlements, ruins, castles, chateaus, monasteries, churches and chapels.

The unspoilt nature and beautiful landscape around Český Krumlov with many hills and woods is an ideal place for an active holiday. You can spend your time off by visiting some of the numerous sights, cultural events, sampling the local gastronomy, relaxing by the water or at the wellness centre.

This fascinating landscape makes an ideal backdrop for hiking, biking, skiing, horseback riding, a round of golf, fishing, rafting or boat sailing down the Vltava River. Located close to Český Krumlov there is the recreational area of Lipno water reservoir as well as the Blanský les protected nature reserve and Šumava National Park.

Other options for spending an active holiday await your directly in Český Krumlov: come play a round of tennis, swim in a swimming hall, ice skate on a winter stadium, play bowling or skittles or have a workout at one of several fitness centres.

Water Sports 

Water SportsGet to know the Český Krumlov region from aboard a canoe or a raft! This unconventional holiday is an experience for all. Rowing down the longest Czech river, the Vltava, you can experience many local monuments and enjoy the beautiful nature. There are many canoe and raft rental opportunities in Český Krumlov, offering single day as well as multiple day trips on the river. 


HikingThe hilly landscape in and around Český Krumlov provides an attractive setting for walks, hiking tours and trips. You can make a trip for the highest hill of the Blanský Forest Region, the Kleť Mountain - a location of the oldest Czech view tower, as well as an astronomical observatory and a pleasant restaurant. Lipensko region is also worth a visit as it is ideally suited for sporting activities of all kinds. Šumava region with its many hiking routes is another popular destination for visitors from home and abroad. You can take a hiking tour with special sticks in the Nordic Walking fashion.     


BikingThe town of Český Krumlov is not just a popular stop for bikers travelling around Southern Bohemia on their "horses of wire" but also and ideal starting destination for short day trips around. Český Krumlov can also be your base for multi-day stays while you get to know this varied region. Around the town there are many possibilities of interesting destinations around the hilly terrain. You can rent your bike and all accessories at one of the local reliable bike rental shops.       


Horseback riding

Horseback ridingThere are several riding clubs in the near proximity of Český Krumlov offering horseback rides into the picturesque countryside, little touched by the civilization. A trip on a horseback is an unforgettable experience for both beginners and seasoned rides. A team of experienced trainers looks after the visitors. Some clubs also offer horseback riding lessons. 


Golf Svachova LhotkaA charming golf course of Golf Club Český Krumlov is located close to Český Krumlov along the road to Kaplice. Its motto is relaxation, nature, golf. Here you will find a relaxed atmosphere, a lovely 18- hole course and a UNESCO-listed town nearby. The golf course of Český Krumlov has a an original South Bohemian combination of straight and hilly greens, shorter and longer four par holes and a couple of three par ones. The most memorable are holes nr. 8 and 18. 


Tennis Český KrumlovČeský Krumlov can also satisfy the tennis fans. The local tennis club possesses over 4 outside tarmac courts and a fixed tennis hall with 3 courts. You can also play an evening round of tennis under floodlights on the outside tarmac court. If you are lucky you can also take part in one of the tournaments organized by the local Tennis Centre. You can relax in the outside pool or with a sports massage after a demanding day. 



Squash & Fitness

SquashIn case of inclement weather or if you just feel like stretching your body, you can play squash or visit the fitness center.


Bowling Cesky KrumlovYour stay in Český Krumlov can also include a play of bowling. A tournament of friends or family is set to be a pleasant way to spend a free afternoon or evening.


FishingFishing is a popular pastime not just in Český Krumlov but in the entire Southern Bohemian region. The Lipno Lake has long been a famous fishing paradise with local fish sorts including carp, zander, pike, perch and catfish. Short-term fishing permits are available in hotels, at travel agents and information centres. Fishing season in Southern Bohemia lasts all year long with a few exceptions. 



WellnessEnjoy the harmony of body and mind as the Rosenbergs did in the past. Forget everyday troubles and relax in the care of spa personnel at the wellness centre of Růže Hotel. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, a massage or try a peat bath in a wooden vat. You can also try the healing properties of a salt cave. Both Frymburk and Lipno are also ideal for spending a relaxing holiday


Lipno Lake

Lipno lakeThe Lipno Lake region presents a unique combination of a beautiful, wild and unspoilt nature with a number of historical and technical monuments and a wide selection of sporting and cultural activities in both summer and winter. There are many accommodation facilities as well as restaurants and service providers.