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In addition to being the patron saint of the lands of Bohemia, Saint Wenceslas is the patron saint of brewers and winemakers, which is commemorated by the traditional autumn festivities offering a cultural as well as a rich gourmet experience.

The pleasant atmosphere of the autumn festivities is augmented by the festival of folk ensembles and the Saint Wenceslas Fair. The cherry on top is certainly the unforgettable evening excursion to the town’s museums and galleries, garnished with an impressive accompanying programme.

25.9.2020 - 28.9.2020

St. Wenceslas Celebrations 2020 Programme

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St. Wenceslas Tradition in Český Krumlov


The adoration of St. Wenceslas began shortly after his murder in 935 when this Bohemian Duke was canonized and declared as Patron of Bohemia. He is celebrated in "St. Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemian Land" - second oldest Bohemian spiritual song, dating from 12th century.

St. Wenceslas tradition in Český Krumlov dates to the beginning of 14th century. Petr I. of Rosenberg who ruled in Český Krumlov between 1310 and 1347 commissioned in 1302 a construction of St. Wenceslas Chapel next to the parish church (today this building at Kostelní Street 161 houses the Artistic Elementary School).

There are other references to St. Wenceslas around the town such as the altar of St. Vitus parish church, the winter chapel of St. Vitus church, decorations on some buildings, St. Wenceslas statue on the plague column on Svornosti Square, St. Wenceslas relief on the Cloaked Bridge at the Castle.

Chanting St. Wenceslas hymn was another way of worshipping this saint. This is linked with an excellent deed of the first prelate of Český Krumlov, Jiří Bílek of Bílenberk who shortly before his death in 1657, i. e. 346 years ago, established a foundation to celebrate the patron saint St. Wenceslas in order to "chant the St. Wenceslas hymn every Sunday and festive day after the morning mass".

Local St. Wenceslas tradition includes events from recent history such as St. Wenceslas Celebrations which took place on 27 and 28 October 1945 on weekdays (Thursday and Friday). The Czech government wished to celebrate the first St. Wenceslas day in the newly liberated republic with a special significance. And so the celebrations begun on 27 October in the evening by a half-hour long ringing of the church bells in Český Krumlov and elsewhere in the country. A festive torchlight procession set out from the church and reached the square of Český Krumlov. St. Wenceslas hymn was sung, followed by speeches by commanders of local Czechoslovak and American armies. U. S. Army band performed national anthems of both countries. A festive march of all armies stationed near Český Krumlov followed in the morning of 28 October. Afterwards a festive Holy Mass was served in St. Vitus church to commemorate all war victims. St. Wenceslas Celebrations were concluded by a noon concert in front of the town hall.

As you can see, Český Krumlov has a rich tradition to build upon.

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