Local transport

Please note that the historical centre of Český Krumlov is a car-free zone.

From the train station - (Vlakové nádraží or železniční stanice /žel.st./) - /1/
The train station is about a 30-minute walk downhill to the town's historical centre. If you don't want to walk, you can take the local bus (you can either get out at bus stop Špičák, or the bus station - AN-Autobusové nádraží). For more information about local bus connections, click here.

From the main bus station - (Autobusové nádraží /aut. nádr./, /AN/) - /2/
The main bus station is a ten-minute walk from the town's historical centre, within easy walking distance to all of Český Krumlov's sights, and the hub for all international and inter-city connections. For up-to-date international, and local bus schedules in and out of Český Krumlov, click here.

From the bus stop Špičák /3/
This is the closest bus stop to the northern part of Český Krumlov, where you'll find the Castle and other historical gems. You can use this bus stop on your travels from Praha - České Budějovice - Český Krumlov and back, but for other connections to other towns, it's better to go from the main bus station (above).

For international, Czech, and local bus connections, click here.

For a map of bus stops in Český Krumlov, click here.

For local taxi services and transfers, click here.


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